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On 20 Oct 2012, at 18:09, Bob Moses wrote:
Hu Pete
WOW !!!!!!! you never cease to amaze me. Your playing always makes me want to go back and start over again. The groove in 9 is beyond the beyond. Your technical skills and ability to juggle various meters simultaneously is extraordinary but what makes it special for me is the great warm soulful human feel with which you do it. I love you and i always talk about you when i talk with students and drummers, telling them what a great inspiration you are, and they should check you out if they want their minds (Napoleon) blown apart. 
Kenwood Dennard 
wow! 1000 points of "like".
Killer groove touch space and polyrhythms!
 Zeldman "ROCKS"!!!
Felix E. Martinez The Quantum Physicist of Groove! I can listen to this all day, goodness! Sean - I think it's Pete's higher form of time-relationship we all have - that thing that wakes us up 1 minute before the alarm clock on weekdays, or that annoying thing that wakes up our sleeping kids right before we pull up to the driveway. This why even though I am not a drummer, Pete's music - and I do call his drum solos music - speaks to me. His playing reveals the unrevealed.
Jeff Sipe 
Pete Zeldman is an amazing drummer and artist!
We are friends from college and since then he's been an uncompromising artist developing his craft as no one else has. Check this out!
Tiger Koehn
So then....I was listening to Pete...yammin' out the grooves while he was playing....At the same time I was staring at this Dali painting....I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden I decided to get closer to the painting....Pete started soloing 19 into the time of 18 and I stuck my face into the painting...I was staring out the other side...into a world of "Time" I couldn't imagine. It was Aztec mixed with Croatian Folk timings underneath Ancient Chinese melodies, Ganese Bell patterns with Yoruba Cycle drumming patterns...with a whole new perception of quantum physics that I couldn't comprehend..............then I understood where Pete really lives................
Ray Dan
‎... i understand now what did you mean with words such as "be grateful" ... thanks for sharing your soul.... you are an amazing man... and your music work proves this... ciao
Kenny Evans
Over a year in the making, Pete and I hope you guys like what we have created! I believe it will become a classic in it's own right. 
insane person: pete zeldman
by crustandcrumb on Sat Dec 08, 2012 10:37 pm
motherfucker is from a different planet. i remember checking him out a few years ago and being pretty impressed, but 9 volt is completely astounding. i cannot stop listening to this.
Jonathan Priest and he provides live narration as he unleashes that polyrhythmaganza
Gregg Jarvis impressive.. plus talking over the bar... still couldn't help singing "the Crunge" bass line over it
Tom Hardin OH....MY....GOD!
Curtis Wingfield Speechless...
Miles Kimbrough W.O.W. Jaw to the floor for the past 9 minutes... Awesome!
Marc Ray math WIZ
Kevin Pinson Straight up FREAK!
Richard Owens I thought I had seen it all.
Tommy Emmerton Fucking groovy as fuck.
Logan Bajek Absolutely awesome, thanks for posting!
Scott Scala Wow! That's crazy
Charlene Rhodus That's insane!
Robert Carvounas Unreal!!
Doug Cartwright Probably the most impressive piece of drumming I've ever seen!
Ron Roper Holy crap!!!
Ryan Shah Jeez. This guy.
Rob Shapiro Rhythmically in a completely new field -- it's akin to a musical mandelbrot. That he has the fine motor skills AND coordination to pull off the incredibly extruded concepts is, for my money, the only true genius I've ever seen. And he is a sensitive, delicate player on top of it all. Here, you're seeing technique and conceptual brilliance, but this is only a small part of his overflow of gifts. On a pop track, his groove is generous, flexible and nuanced, and allows every player space to find a unique lock. There is a real emtional brilliance to his playing.
Charlie Cawood via Enigma Video-Pete Zeldman
Out of all the teachers I've had, few have had as much impact on who I am as a musician than Pete Zeldman. Watch this excerpt from his new drum video, and prepare to have your mind turned to muesli.
Gabor Dornyei Tommmeeeeeeee! Many thankx for sharing, mind blowing-complicated stuff! I've heard a lot about Pete, but never heard him play. Now I went down to practise! LOL We gotta play together soon Bruv: Gx.
Andy Sanesi The most interesting rhythmic drum set stuff since VC with FZ and on the next level I'd say
Kim Lauer Uberhubby & I are blown away! Thanks for posting!
Felix E. Martinez THE HUMAN CLOCK! I love it! Can't wait to see the rest of the video!
Karin Merx Whow, he is amazingly good. Love this very much. Poly rhythm in African music was one of my first loves for percussio
Jill Lynch Just watched, no words for his talent. Loved, loved, loved it!
Kavus Torabi Fucks sake...just got to the 19 in the time of 18 bit. Jesus. Someone has to be the guy that does this. It turns out it's Pete Zeldman.
Kirk Driscoll
Absolutely great Pete! Love the casual explaining of the various layers over the 9 in that piece as though it were a walk in the park. Beautiful
Michael Lauren
Great playing!! Always a pleasure hear you play.
Scott Stanley Evolved.
Tony Tony Tony
Dont get any better than this :)
Tommy Emmerton 
There are other-worldly musicians walking amongst us and then there's Pete Zeldman. He's from another dimension! Even if you're not a drummer you have to check this out...
George Bird I think I love you.
Phil Gill Cool and amazing. Pete's brain is just wired differently than the rest of us.
Stefan Fröhlich Pete is a high-Level technician! 
Sascha Lack
Pure Awesomeness... by Pete Zeldman.

drumblast » Fri Oct 19, 2012 5:40 pm
Holy smokes. Do not waste your time loading the YouTube clips. Just order the DVD right now. Pete is in a class by himself.
THIS. For those who are crazy enough to not follow this advice - on the first clip, he's ingrained a 6 pedal 9/8 MPO with the feet into muscle memory, whilst playing/modulating even and odd polyrhythmic subdivisional phrases and meters with his hands - ie, 27 into 18 - and not only does it sound strangely musical, he's EXPLAINING WHAT HE'S DOING WHILST PLAYING IT. Easily up there with Mangini and El Negro in this of those 'holy shit, there's no limits!' videos.
I wish this was on DVD, as it is only a download. Perhaps there is a way of dumping the download on a DVD-R. Pete has a concept more deep than Mangini IMHO. Plus he has the melodic aspect of Horacio. The foot pedal work he does is insane. The 36:37 ratio pretty much sums it up. I hear some of his large phrases sound kinda Bulgarian in interpretation. Amazing stuff. I studied with Pete in the early 90's and he was the most insprirational teacher I ever had.
I bought Pete's first album "Other Not Elsewhere" years ago and it blew my mind. Weird that it took him this long to release something
like this. He was doing this beautiful multi-pedal stuff before anyone that I can think of including Bozzio.

wrote: "the master"         
Brock Avery thank you, thank you,thank youthankyou my friend much love and respect B
Andy Davey This is simply astonishing, Pete. Astonishing. Sounds like three drummers all playing together.
Nicolas Lowczowski Awesome Pete
Phil Rochard Immense. Would love to try and play over that.
Steve Calleja Andy thanks for posting this...INSANE..I gotta share it
Jeff Armstrong Pete, that demonstration was jaw dropping! You have set the bar so high for polyrhythms, all I can do is just smile. Thank you so much for putting out this video and documenting your genius!
Amarjit Singh Riyat Sweeeeet..
Jens Lykke Heinsøe The wizard of polyrhythms....... mindblowing
Fred Lehman wow Pete unbelievable
Emmanuel Oladokun that was really nice man, was just like u giving me a lesson just like old times...
Lisa Bernstein Brilliant as ever...and always...from one of your all time biggest fans!! Such a long way from sticks on a carpet ;) Lee wrote: "Pete this DVD is so important for the world of drummers. Your genius is unparrelled. I usually place pride in my natural understanding if time signatures and how they relay to rhythm but my friend to be able to execute this sheer insanity, but to talk about what you are demonstrating is another poly- poly -rhythm so ad the world will be exposed to what I have always known about you ..."
Jack Wall
To all my musician friends - this is a MUST SEE. Pete Zeldman, a very dear friend of ours, is one of the absolute masters (sorry...monsters) of drums and percussion in a way that you probably haven't even imagined before. PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out "Enigma", the documentary about his craft, then comment back here. It's mesmerizing that a human being can do what he does. Ok, YOU try to play 37 over 36! :)
Manfredi Giuseppe Jack, is really amazing, the way he plays the drums, has a technique and a fantastic speed, I really like how it fits the various rhythms! I did not know, thanks!
Duncan Watt Knockout stuff.
Philip Amalong Whoa--what an internal clock he has. Amazing and passionate about music.
Jeremy Doss (friends with Jack Wall) commented on a link that you're tagged in.
Jeremy wrote: "Love it. I am amazed at what he does with his feet....fabulous playing!"
Jeff Almeyda
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Re: Pete Zeldman new DVD
Pete is from another planet!!!
Holy crap! Is anyone else (including Mangini) doing this insane level of coordinated interdependence?
My favorite part is when he says "Now I'm going to solo in 37 over the 36 note ostinato in the feet" 
What??!!! The??!! F%$#??!!
Honestly, you have to be totally OCD or something to actually work that stuff out to that level. How many thousands of hours went into that?
Not only that but who in the world can actually listen to that and hear what he's doing??
Mr Zeldman, you are a terrifying drummer. 
"Yeah but can he play a money beat?"
(Couldn't help myself)

Enigma - Pete Zeldman FREE TEASER - 9 Volt Polyrhythmic Breakdown.
Marc Nellis, Isayah Warford, Jeff Sipe
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Richie Jones My head hurts.... As the brain spins
Lee Willis Eyes and ears crossed...
Gerard Bajek I fell asleep. That's a compliment
Kim Lauer Uberhubby & I are blown away! Thanks for posting!
Tommy Monaghan awesome !!!!! i've been waiting for this for 15 years or so !!!! thanks Pete !!!!!!
Azzedine Loukil ‎"I'm gonna double the 12 in 4 with 9 in the feet and 19 in the hands, 23 in the time of 7. I'm going to play     it as a triplet swing in 27. It sounds like this..." Pete Zeldman you're a serious Jedi! Haha
Jaelee Small BRILLIANT The Rhythm Studio Pete Zeldman is not human! Easily the most terrifying display of drumming on youtube
Lou Venturini This is actually nuts
Gary Pickard holy hell
Josiah Baker Pretty sick.
Chris McMillan Holy feet, batman!
Tim Friesen mind blown Kevin Cartagena im done!!! smh (throws his sticks on the floor and goes home) lol
Jonathan W. Whitney back to the basement......
Bill Hubauer pretty sick. how does he talk while doing that. :-)
Bill Berends Damn. And he can talk at the same time!! Stephen La Porta part man, part machine. actually, i love the tone of his gear -- almost robotic...thanks for sharing
jason.spelto Thats's something incredible! "and he can talk at the same time"!! Pete would talk to him self- "Ok, Pete! Let's jam together!!, me and my side personalities!!" Wow! This is the most polyrhythmic drumming I've ever seen, Thanks Jason for posting this!
John Molloy They should make a wind up toy of this guy............. Kenny Grohowski Really enjoyed the part where he said "now, I'm going to play something really weird..." Amazing
David Kates Oh my gosh! Just watch, this'll be viral before you can blink. I'm still workin on a clean bar of 4/4., damn!!
Kathleen Bebeau Wow!...That is amazing!..
David Wolff mind=blown
Anthony Chapman Would love to see - where can I download? Thanks - Zeldman hasn't aged a day - I want to ride in his time machine
Charlie Cawood Very excited about this.
Kavus Torabi Fucks sake...just got to the 19 in the time of 18 bit. Jesus. Someone has to be the guy that does this. It turns out it's Pete Zeldman.
Johanne Cecilie Kaasgaard
Fuck the x factor. If you work hard and practise, oh and if you're a mathematician magician, then maybe one day you can be like Pete Zeldman. Proud to have been taught a little bit about rhythm by this man though i still struggle to do the stroky-belly-clappy-head thing let alone insane polyrhythms..
Roger Greenawalt
Just a staggering achievement Pete. Bravo.
Kirk Driscoll
Absolutely great Pete! Love the casual explaining of the various layers over the 9 in that piece as though it were a walk in the park. Beautiful


jaelee small @jaeleesmall
Check out this Promo! I will definitely buy a copy. Exciting stuff from my past #Vocal #Rhythm teacher Pete Zeldman!!! 

WORKOUT WITH Pete Zeldman - I salute you, sir. Well done on getting this finished and I will buy it soon! 

Alex Lillo @Nordic
If you're a drummer you should watch this: Enigma - Pete Zeldman - 9 Volt Polyrhythmic Breakdown.:  via @youtube

Jack Wall @jackwallmusic
Check this master of drums and percussion out and tell me what you think!

David D'Agostino @mymusicthing
Drummers: 13 in the time of 18 sounds like this... @6:05 [video] Pete Zeldman - 9 Volt Polyrhythmic Breakdown - 

Brian Casel @CasJam
Found some new work music. Pete Zeldman on drums (never seen playing like this!)  via @zeldman

James Webb @zilkerfilms
My head just sploded. Enigma - Pete Zeldman FREE TEASER - 9 Volt Polyrhythmic Breakdown.

Bruce Taylor @brootaylor
Some mental polyrhythmic playing by Pete Zeldman! 

Jeff Croft @jcroft
If you have any interest in percussion, drumming, or music theory, you've gotta watch @zeldman's brother Pete, here. 

Cindy Shapiro @cindyshapiro
Prepare to have your mind blown: Enigma - Pete Zeldman FREE TEASER - 9 Volt Polyrhythmic Breakdown. @mgdotorg
Crazy polyrhythmic drumming: Enigma - Pete Zeldman FREE TEASER - 9 Volt Polyrhythmic Breakdown. - YouTube 19 i... 

rob walker @beastadiddle
Been a while since I listened to Pete Zeldman. Shame on me. The guys a master.

Scott Andrew @scottandrew
Watch @zeldman's brother Pete solo 19 in the time of 18 and feel your brain melt.  #polyrhythms

rafael armstrong @rcarmstrong
@zeldman That video of Pete Z drumming is mighty awesome-- thanks for sharing!

Chad Tomkiss @chadtomkiss
@zeldman Seriously, that is outrageously good.

Ryan Masuga @masuga
@zeldman That guy is incredible. He chats like it’s nothing while doing those complex rhythms.

Drew McLellan @drewm
@zeldman You weren’t kidding. That’s amazing.

Alex Duloz @alexduloz
@zeldman It can't be real. I love Meshuggah for their drums. But THIS is far beyond what I've ever heard.

Jeremy Heath @jjheath
@zeldman as a drummer of 20+ years, i still find this to be mind blowing.

Article by web guru Jeffrey Zeldman
23 Oct 2012 10 am eastern

MY MOTHER played piano and cello. My father draws, paints, and sculpts; plays trumpet and guitar; and led an advanced R&D lab in the 1970s, developing robotics and rocket parts. You know what I do, but I also play keyboards and other instruments, studied music theory, and composed and produced music in my own studio before failing up into my present career. We Zeldmans go our own way, bring our own juice, and leave a trail of tears and gold. But my brother Pete Zeldman is the real talent in the family.

My brother Pete spontaneously composes and performs music of such rhythmic complexity that Edgard Varèse and Frank Zappa would be proud. Even with an advanced music degree, you’d have a tough time following the music analytically. But you don’t have to, because it grooves. That’s the crazy surprise of it. My brother plays 17 in the time of 16 in the time of 15 in the time of 14, with cross rhythms in simultaneous 3/4 and 7/8, and you could dance to it. Admittedly, you couldn’t pogo, but it doesn’t pretend to be punk. Musically it is probably the exact opposite of punk, but spiritually it is punk because it is pure affirmation.

My brother made two CDs before releasing
his new video, Enigma, this week. I listen to these CDs a lot. Although I’ve watched my brother develop his unique rhythmic musical theories over the past 20 years, I don’t attempt to “follow” the music in any analytical fashion while listening. I just let it wash over me. So can you.

New art is rarely understood. New music is rarely what the people want. They threw tomatoes at Debussy and Stravinsky, and now their compositions are gentle backgrounds for dentist’s offices. White people laughed at rock and roll and their children danced to it. Those rockers laughed at hip hop and their kids dance to it. My brother’s music is like that. It is something new. It’s not going to be a movement because it takes a certain kind of twisted genius to conceive of and play it. But you might like it. And if you’re a drummer, you probably need to hear it.

I am proud of my brother and delighted to share his genius with you. Samples from his new video are available at His CDs are also available.

Rich Senior said on 23 October 2012 at 10:35 am: Jeffrey, “Failing up”; Yes, I can relate to this! What a wonderful phrase. The best drummer I have ever seen live is Dennis Chambers. Apparently Mr Chambers said that he “didn’t believe what he heard wasn’t overdubbed” after hearing one of your brothers recordings. That in itself would make me want to check Pete out! I have just watched the video, and this former guitarist (now failed up web dev) can’t work out what the hell is going on! I can tap my foot to it, but this groove is from another planet. Far out.
Aram Stith said on 23 October 2012 at 11:53 am: Amazing.
Thanks for sharing this!
(I’m a musician and web-dev too)
Jeff Croft said on 23 October 2012 at 12:33 pm: As another music theory student turned web dev, color me super impressed. It’s not just that he can play these polyrhythms, but that he actually makes them groove. If you stop analyzing and just sit back and listen, you end up bobbing your head and grooving along. Very impressive to make these hemiolas sound so fluid and groovy. Awesome. Thanks for sharing!
Fred LeBlanc said on 23 October 2012 at 10:07 am: Holy wow. That is all.
Burke said on 23 October 2012 at 10:39 am: Love it. Purchased “Twilight Walks Over” on CD Baby and am now letting this music do what it will to my synapses.
Andreas Sauer said on 23 October 2012 at 10:40 am: That’s not a brother, that’s a clockwork! Amazing precision.
Tim said on 23 October 2012 at 11:17 am: Holy limb separation! I’m a beginning drummer and — wow, just wow.
Ben Carlson said on 23 October 2012 at 2:26 pm: The drumming isn’t the talent that gets me (and that’s incredibly impressive on its own), it’s the ability to explain what he’s doing over the top of the actual (insanely complex) playing! Very cool, and thanks for sharing!
Erin Lynch said on 23 October 2012 at 5:37 pm: (mouth hangs open and stares in amazement)
Joe Chellman said on 23 October 2012 at 5:39 pm: I’ve been a fan of Pete’s since I heard Other Not Elsewhere years ago. It’s terrifying what he can do. And let’s not forget that while he’s doing these things which the rest of us drummers (slash web developers) can barely understand, let alone do, he’s talking about what he’s doing. Good friggin lord. What he’s doing is really interesting and cool, but it makes my brain throb.
Bill DeRouchey said on 23 October 2012 at 6:30 pm: Yeah, this is jawdropping wow. My favorite part may be his frequent “back to the nine,” you know, because 9/8 time is the normal everyday boring part.
Damn he can play.