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Although he has dodged the limelight and kept below people's radar, Pete Zeldman is a drummer and rhythmic conceptualist who has had the top drummers in the world talking about him for years.
In the 80s he was one of the pioneers of multiple pedal orchestrations on the drums. He created a rhythmic vocabulary that was so new and ground breaking that it earned him cult status among the most advanced musicians. This was the beginning of Pete's enigmatic reputation that gave people both an understanding and misunderstanding of the musician/artist that is Pete Zeldman.
‘Enigma’ provides an opportunity to meet and better understand the mystery surrounding this man while being entertained, educated and dazzled at the same time.
Pete has always put the subject of RHYTHM above his intense love of the drums and for this reason this video is not just for drummers! It is designed for everyone with an interest in the subject of RHYTHM!
‘Enigma’ is an eclectic mix of solo pieces, ranging from advanced polyrhythmic and cross-rhythmic extremes taking independence to the limit, to groove based and technically astounding solos.
Get inside the mind of this virtuosic player through rare interviews and intimate solo tracks using up to 7 different camera angles that have been edited by Pete himself.
Critical analysis is given as an option during some of the extreme solos (this will point out each rhythmic event as it happens - Pete even talks you through one solo as he plays it!).
You will get a powerful lesson on rhythm that is directed towards all musicians. Pete displays some of his innovative drum techniques and you'll even get a tour of his 9 pedal kit! So many ideas are shared!

WARNING: If you want to know how far someone can take rhythm; if you want to witness incredible creativity; if you want to see something new and ground breaking that you won't forget; and if you want to learn something different… then get this video!
Delve into Pete's vast knowledge and tap into an over abundance of his creativity to jump start your own or just sit on the edge of your seat and be entertained!!!
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PETE ZELDMAN ENIGMA PHYSICAL DVD (available through the Contact page of this website only)

Over 2 hours of spellbinding solos using both normal and multi-pedal drumsets, drum techniques, optional critical analysis during some of the extreme solos, interviews, innovative ideas and much much more!!

Only £18.48 inc P&P

ONLY AVAILABLE IN NTSC REGION 0 FORMAT - PLEASE CHECK YOUR DVD PLAYER CAN PLAY THIS FORMAT BEFORE ORDERING (many current PAL players will play NTSC Region 0 DVDs, but please check first. This DVD will also play on all computers and laptops)

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